Saturday, 8 October 2011

A Look at my Heresy Era Death Guard

As promised, but perhaps a little late, here's a look at my heresy era Death Guard so far:

I have decided to stay as true to the fluff of the Death Guard as I can for this army, so there's lots of Tactical Marines, a few Devastators and no transports! All the models in this army are based on the forge world pre heresy power armour packs, mostly Mk3 'Iron' Armour.

So without further ado, here's some pictures of the stuff I've got just about finished so far:

This is the whole army so far!

The captain in this photo is a counts as Pedro Kantor (But he still need a new name)

The first tactical squad

The second tactical squad

A pair of Contemptor Dreadnoughts

The devastators (I have 5 more of these with just bolters in the process of being painted)

Well, I hope you all appreciated a little look a this fledgeling army, there is other stuff for it but it's far from finished yet, so I wont post any pictures... I say that, I'm planning to play a 1750 pts game with this army tomorrow so I'll need to use the whole lot, even the incomplete stuff in order to have a big enough army and a do plan on writing a battle report.


  1. As always mate, brilliant. I really love your painting style. It's like you don't care how they look up close. But they still look great!

  2. Looking good, quite like the weathered look to the dreads.

    Is the de-helmeted sergeant in the second tac squad a conversion? Not sure I've seen him on the FW website.